With 13 players, the Lyons Chamber Players needed an intermediate sized venue with the right acoustics. This was proving difficult to find. It was also proving difficult. to find a convenient rehearsal time that worked for a group of busy free lancers. As it turned out, my friend, Neil Argo, got us our first job.

Neil was the composer for the TV series “Wild America” and he hired me to play solo horn on a number of his National Geographic projects. One day, Neil invited me to Venice Beach for a cup of coffee. On the walk to the cafe, a panhandler came up to us and asked for money. When I told him we were musicians, he turned around and started walking in the other direction.

Over coffee Neil said he had a film to score with a young producer at Capitol Records. Would I be interested in contracting it? On behalf of the Lyons Chamber Players, I answered was a definite yes.